The rules for the 2014 National Religious Freedom Moot Court are substantially different from previous years. Teams are advised to carefully read the rules and send any questions to

Some important changes in the 2014 rules include:

  • Teams may, but are not required to, have upto 3 members, (2 oral advocates and 1 problem writer). All team members must contribute to writing the brief. The brief writer may, but is not required to, attend the competition. Only the 2 oral advocates will be allowed to present oral arguments at the competition.
  • Teams must send 3 hard copies of their brief. This is a change from past years where 10 hard copies were required.
  • Advancement in advanced rounds shall be by single elimination. In each pairing, the team selected by the judges that exhibits the best oral advocacy will advance to the next round.
  • Advancement from preliminary rounds shall be based on each team's  win-loss record and speaker rankings.

Specific rules for this year's competition will be provided to the registered teams when the problem is released. Teams with questions regarding the competition rules prior to registering should contact the organizers at: